Fishbone Problem Solving Template

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W., "Fishbone Diagram / Cause and Effect Diagram in Excel," From Vertex42

Then, write the problem in a box on the left-hand side of a large sheet of paper, and draw a line across the paper horizontally from the box.

This arrangement, looking like the head and spine of a fish, gives you space to develop ideas.

A tree diagram, probability tree, or root cause analysis is geared more towards thinking in terms of causality, while using a fishbone diagram tends to make people think in terms of categorization. Although I've never seen any reference for this technique, I use the following rule to distinguish between categorization vs.

Using the fish bone diagram loosely may result in a combination of the two approaches as the group oscillates between categorizing different causes and asking "Why? causality: Just as the main categories (Equipment, People, etc.) are highlighted by placing a circle or box around them, if you include sub-categories in your cause-and-effect diagram, circle the sub-category so you can distinguish between categorization vs. The following tree diagram shows the difference between categorization (grouping of causes) and causality (the tree).


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