Foundation Of Critical Thinking

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Children are asked to predict an ending to a story, discuss other choices a storybook character could have made, and imagine how the characters feel.

All of these approaches help to build critical thinking skills.

When you think critically about an issue or a problem, it means that you can evaluate, be open-minded, and consider different ways of looking at possible solutions.

As children grow up, their critical thinking skills become essential to helping them make judgments independently of their parents. The art of critical thinking begins to form in childhood!

Endeavor Montessori offers a unique approach to learning.

Unlike many traditional preschools and elementary schools which focus on memorizing then moving on, we encourage children to soar beyond memorization to a higher goal of active critical thinking and creative problem solving.Montessori materials are specifically designed to tap into this natural curiosity and engage critical thinking skills.And just like any other skill, critical thinking takes practice.We stand with you, as we collectively make our contribution to a better world through our work in critical thinking! With more and more information at our fingertips, we have to be far more discerning about our choices and judgments.At Endeavor Montessori, we encourage the natural curiosity within each child to prepare students who will become the best critical thinkers of their generation.To find out more about how we’re developing critical thinkers at Endeavor Montessori School, please call to schedule your private tour!According to the Foundation for Critical Thinking, “A rich intellectual environment — alive with curious and determined students — is possible only with critical thinking at the foundation of the educational process.” This foundation can begin with even the youngest students.Quality educational programs, such as the modernized Montessori programs offered at Endeavor Montessori, seek to build a foundation of critical thinking skills right from the start of a child’s educational journey. Curiosity is the desire to learn more, to look for evidence, to remain open to new ideas.Our Montessori-trained teachers ask open-ended questions that require your child to think, such as “What would happen if…?” instead of asking them to simply repeat information they’ve memorized.


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