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It conveys the nation’s compendium prior to the World Radiocommunication Conference of 2015.The objective of developing and sustaining a National Table of Frequency Allocation is to promote spectrum discipline, increase efficiency and usage.Frequency assignment is the identification of suitable radiofrequencies for use in accordance with the ACMA legal and policy requirements.

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The Frequency Assignment tool assigns frequencies to stations, considering any restrictions imposed by existing assignments using general methods for all services.

It is applicable to cellular and other area-covering systems, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and military radio networks.

See the current status of the frequency assignment requirements listed on this page and aspects currently under review.

Related Business Operating Procedures (BOPs) are also available.

The frequency planning is one of the most important elements of the international regulations and a mean of preserving the rights of all Member States in the context of equitable access to the limited frequency resource.

In this respect FMD maintains worldwide allotment and regional assignment plans of terrestrial nonbroadcasting services, ensuring the application of modification and coordination procedures associated to the Plan.Such activity may be referred to as a “frequency-site” planning process.This may be an allotment process in some administrations.Frequencies are assigned by administrative act either ex officio (general assignments published in the Federal Network Agency's Official Gazette) or upon application (individual assignments).Each assignment defines the particular purpose for which the frequency may be used and the conditions to be met so that the spectrum may be used efficiently and with minimum interference.After each World Radiocommunication Conference, reviews to the table are made to reflect additions and modifications resulting from these conferences.It is mandatory for all administrations to adhere to these allocations.The National Frequency Table of Allocations is a compendium of frequency allocations to services applicable to Nigeria as well as a depiction of frequency usage in Nigeria.The table has been developed and periodically reviewed in conformity with the international regulations governing radio spectrum and the international/ regional agreements acceded to by the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the capacity of the National Frequency Management Council.Please note that this service is currently experiencing issues.We have been notified of the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible We apologize for the inconvenience.


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