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This blog describes my journey as a Foreign Service officer, wife of another FSO and a mom to a boisterous, loving boy.

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In the darkness, it appeared that his mouth was filled with blood but after some frantic search on his face, it turned out that his nose was gushing blood like a faucet.

In the ensuing circus, all family members took their due part--I was confusedly trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding, alternating between barking orders at the even more disoriented Diplomat, and cooing at the crying Son trying to stuff some cotton in his nostril while he was trying to take it out.

Since I am such a great mom, I immediately woke up a very disoriented and disheveled Diplomat and told him to go into Son's room while he was gesticulating incoherently at me go to there instead.

Finally, he went and appeared to be trying to procure water for the child.

Keep telling the child how great he is doing, what a hero he is, how tomorrow you will tell everybody how awesome he has been--anything to stop his crying as that will tend to increase the blood flow5.

Read a book for him or put him up to watch a movie--anything to keep him upright6.All of a sudden, the Diplomat shrieked, "There is blood all over his face!!!" Freaked out, I grabbed the child who was indeed bleeding profusely from somewhere for no apparent reason.Wiki FSOT had a great site for this section, which also gives you 18 sample topics for practice.It also recommends using the "Five paragraph essay" style, with which I wholeheartedly agree.Tilt the head forward so that the blood does not flow into the throat (but will drip happily onto the white polyester carpet never to be washed off again)3.Try to apply ice (which the child will desperately try to get rid of)4.I cannot stress enough the importance of this section. Some of the questions are odd--think outside the proverbial box! I did not prepare at all for it as I felt that my command of the English language was stupendous (do NOT feel at liberty to post some snarky comments on this subject, please! I actually thought I had aced the section, I thought it was really easy. Read only the reading comprehension part, and practice, practice, practice!Dreaded, feared, badly prepared for, underrated essay.Know major world political events and currents and you will be fine.(c) I found the American part the most difficult--it tended to ask obscure questions from all areas mentioned above.I strongly suggest knowing the Constitution including ALL amendments by heart, and read some commentary on its content.


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