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Elsewhere in this , and although pretty much exclusively a nonfiction writer, is calculating poetry when writing prose. Many of my favorite books, music, and films over the last few decades tend to operate along the seams of poetry, fiction, and essay. Might this mongrel—or magpie—work be the signature genre of our time?

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During an interview in a recent issue of nonfiction writer interview, contrasted to at least 99 for poetry and 227 for fiction—Luc Sante focuses some of the elusive idiosyncrasies here, remarking: “All writing is an activity that occurs on the page. Ideas have to be wrestled with then and there.” “Already dead. As he moves along at the pace of a tapeworm, Wayne leaves a path that is only bits of shrewd intramural acting—a craggy face filled with bitterness, jealousy, a big body that idles luxuriantly, having long grown tired with roughhouse games played by old wrangler types like John Ford.

It cannot merely be a transcription of something thought about in advance. Farber’s manifest insistence on criticism as language—his insistence, too, that his critical language arise from the details of the films he writes about—makes him the most adventurous stylist of American film criticism.

Polito received a National Book Critics Circle Award for Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson.

The founding director of the Graduate Writing Program and the Riggio Honors Program: Writing & Democracy at the New School, he served as President of the Poetry Foundation in Chicago (2013-2015), before returning to New York and the New School.

This is a short talk with a long list inside it, mostly in sentences, not lines, or in sentences that occasionally aspire to lines. Wayne’s acting is infected by a kind of hoboish spirit, sitting back on its haunches doing a bitter-amused counterpoint to the pale, neutral film life around him.

Lines and sentences: even now, nonfiction—including nonfiction by poets—is approached by readers, and sometimes by writers, chiefly as information, argument, or anecdote, the formal aspects of language and prose a sort of ornamental afterthought, as though the real action of nonfiction transpired peripherally, perhaps reluctantly, through words. In an Arizona town that is too placid, where the cactus was planted last night and nostalgically cast actors do a generalized drunkenness, cowardice, voraciousness, Wayne is the termite actor focusing only on a tiny present area, nibbling at it with engaging professionalism and a hipster sense of how to sit in a chair leaned against the wall, eye a flogging overactor (Lee Marvin).

Perhaps you know I wanted someone to talk to, but Lisa was asleep.

Perhaps you know I lifted a corner of the covers, and gazed at her.

He is working on a new collection of poems, as well as on a pair of nonfiction books—on noir; and on Bob Dylan.

) he challenges James Baldwin’s disappointment that there is “no black Shakespeare or Bach” by diminishing the importance in the race of an artist, claiming these artists are “profoundly human” and that it is more aligned to our biological heritage than our cultural one.


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