Globalization Religion Essay

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For such individuals and societies to emerge, there must be a real transformation.

It should be a long-term struggle but beginning with our own religion.

My examples come mainly from Christianity, but I will note some parallels in other traditions.

Concern for the Environment Many religions, including Taoism in China, Zen Buddhism in Japan, Hinduism in India, and Native American and African cultures have emphasized harmony with nature and respect for all forms of life.

This is because one of the centers of power is based in Japan.

Other centers of control in Northeast and Southeast Asia are emerging.Regional groupings like APEC, GATT and WTO are totally committed to the same goal.The nexus between big business, governments and regional and international institutions to create an environment for globalization is not an accident.The religious vision of the unity of humanity has little to do with globalization.The motives and goals of globalization, however, are based on the process by which capital, goods, services and sometimes labor crosses national borders acquiring a transnational character.Societies are becoming less exclusive and more multi-religious.It is as if the social reality is forcing us to get rid of our exclusive attitudes and develop a universal orientation that is more accommodating to the other.It has historic roots in colonization, hence why the dominant forces are based in the West.Nonetheless, it would be wrong to describe globalization today as a replica of the Western colonial experience.Perhaps this is the path that nations must take for a universal community founded upon a common humanity.It is a community that globalization will never be able to achieve.


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