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The first is you won't know how to write a thesis statement.Second, you are cheating, and third you need to understand what the statement means and your objective in writing it.The thesis should be clear, well-structured, and logically built.

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However, the sexual abuse is reported to have the highest rates among the adolescents.

In its turn, violence can be treated as the intentional use of physical power or force, either by threat or act, against another person, group of people, community, or oneself that leads to the considerable likelihood of resulting in harm, injuries, psychological harm, death, developmental disruptions, deprivations, or disturbances.

The child abuse is defined by the federal legislation as any action or failure to act on the part of the parents or caregivers that cause the severe mental harm, sexual exploitation or abuse, or even death; child abuse also presents an imminent risk of suffering.

In order to avoid child abuse, one has to understand the risks that may cause it or, in other words, its vulnerability.

NSCAW investigations revealed that at some point during the three years following an investigation on maltreatment and abuse, 28 percent of children faced some chronic health diseases.

In this regard, it can be concluded that the child abuse is a problem that exists in the present society, and all the children are under the threat to be abused.There are quite a few topics that would make good thesis statements for animal abuse. The topic dog fighting in America would make a good thesis statement.i think something like "All children are to have happy life but with the up rise in physical child abuse things have began to make a children's lives so much more harsh." or something like that i don't know if that's any good or will help at all good luck Your thesis statement should be what you are interested in writing about.In the past I have view many TV ads on abuse but they really do not speak on the real issues You need to write your thesis statement since the rest of your paper/research will be based on that statement.If someone on Wiki does it for you there are several things that will happen.If you think students DO benefit from homework, make that your thesis statement, and if you think they DON'T benefit from homework, then…First of all you need t narrow down to the particular area of study so you can select a topic and develop thesis statement on a worth-solving problem.The existence of a single sign does not mean that maltreatment takes place in the family, however, a closer consideration of the case can be warranted when the signs occur again and again or in a combination.This thesis on child abuse is directed at help to comprehend the definition of child abuse better.A thesis on child abuse is a theoretical consideration of the definition of the topic that provides a clear definition of the discussed issue and marks the author’s critical attitude to the topic.The thesis has to provide the readers with the understanding of the problem of child abuse, the importance of its prevention, and the methods to manage this serious problem.


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