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Just a few paces in, though, these same trails unfurl their offerings with a hush, a drastic departure from the city’s bustle.On a recent misty morning hike up Woo-Myun Sahn (Sleeping Cow Mountain), just behind the neighborhood of Bangbae in the Seocho district, we discovered a welcoming (and quite vertical) hike that revealed a multitude of sights we might not experience in the Tetons or the Adirondacks — the abrupt transition between a bustling municipality and the chorus of nature.

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As a new bar mitzvah, I would be experiencing the full “adult” holiday package for the first time at camp: fasting, attending classes and services all day, hearing the stories of sorrow and suffering told and retold.

In this essay, Moor details his on-trail transformation and the painful readjustment to life after hike.

(Pro tip: Don’t Google “macerated feet” unless you love gross stuff, like I do.) Sarah Marquis half-plans and fully executes some of the toughest journeys imaginable, whether she’s hiking across Australia or Siberia. Myla Fay writes candidly about wanting to be “carelessly thin” and taking to the Continental Divide Trail to transcend negative body image. I, too, want to drastically change the way I relate to my body.

And just as everything at camp was somehow more than it was elsewhere, so too was our hike in the woods somehow more than just a hike.

It was the most spiritually fulfilling experience of my life, an ecstatic awakening to the beauty and splendor of the natural world, and I knew some day I would return.


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