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It was the Mahayana Buddhism in which Buddha was made into a God and the people were taught to offer their devotion to Buddha as the God.And to satisfy the need of the people, images of Buddha as a God appeared in India, in Gandhara and in every other Mahayana countries like Tibet, China and Japan.

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But, at the same time, the priestly class, which depended on rigid religious practices, could not like the Buddhist opposition to the existing social organisation and orthodox religious life of the people. Both in Buddha’s time and more so after his death, Buddhism was seen to break away from the old faith of the Hindu India.

It is believed that Buddha perhaps did not think of himself as the founder of a new religion.

Initially it was an outsiders’ term, building on centuries-old usages of the word Hindu.

Early travelers to the Indus valley, beginning with the Greeks and Persians, spoke of its inhabitants as “Hindu” (Greek: ), and, in the 16th century, residents of India themselves began very slowly to employ the term to distinguish themselves from the Turks.

At the most, he might have thought of himself as a reformer.

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But, his personality was too unique and his messages were most powerful.Its many sacred texts in Sanskrit and vernacular languages served as a vehicle for spreading the religion to other parts of the world, though ritual and the visual and performing arts also played a significant role in its transmission.From about the 4th century In the early 21st century, Hinduism had nearly one billion adherents worldwide and was the religion of about 80 percent of India’s population.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!The Buddhist monarch Kanishka championed the cause of the Mahayana Buddhism which began to spread outside.In course of time, Tibet, China and Japan came under the Mahayana system.And his sermons on the noble existence of man drew princes and paupers to his feet.It was natural, thus that the old orthodox order looked at Buddhism with apprehension, even if the Brahmins themselves felt attracted towards Buddha and his noble path.Ultimately, the Buddhist movements became wide-spread because of his moral impact on popular mind.When emperor Ashoka championed the cause of Buddhism, the religion of Buddha stood on its high principles of purity and was practiced by the people as a code of moral conduct.


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