History Of Fingerprinting Essay

Developers of biometric systems attempt to maximize this measure.

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With a biometric access control system, the user first enrolls in a system or service and provides a biometric sample, such as a fingerprint.

When they want to use the system later, they must show their biometric characteristic, usually by presenting themselves to some form of scanner, and the characteristic is compared to the previously-stored biometric “template.” If the characteristics match, then the user is granted access to the system.

NOTE: This essay started out as a commissioned technical report, and then was revised as a book chapter for a book that was eventually canceled.

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New users are provided, or asked to choose, a unique name and secret password that are associated with their account.

When they wish to access the system, they must provide a valid username and correct password before they are given access.

The measurement of biometric accuracy is usually expressed as a percentage or proportion, with the data coming from simulations, laboratory experiments, or field trials.

There are four main measures of biometric accuracy: True Acceptance Rate (TAR) / True Match Rate (TMR): this measure represents the degree that the biometric system is able to correctly match the biometric information from the same person.

First, there is a mathematical relationship between the corresponding true and false rates so that if one rate is known, the other can be calculated using 100% – X when working with percentages or 1.0 – X when working with proportions.

For example, if the TMR is 98%, the FMR must be 100% – 98% = 2%.


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