How To Build A Paper Airplane Written Instructions

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In order to provide the necessary stiffness and ease of folding the paper's weight should be at least 18 pound but not more than 28 pound paper.

Christine" The paper used must be rectangular in shape with straight, smooth edges and square (90°) corners.

Steps eight and nine created two "flaps" which expose the tip of the point (which was created in steps three and four) through the notches created in step six.

Fold the exposed tip of the point up so that it covers the edges of the two flaps.

Who benefits from the creation and use of the “it”? Creative teams, groups of people who are responsible for making things (services, experiences, products) in the world need to grapple with the What, the How and the Who of design.

University Of Calgary Thesis Online - How To Build A Paper Airplane Written Instructions

Ask each group to “make a set of instructions on how to make a paper airplane.”3. Talk about what you made: What ways of explaining your work did you use? Design the conversation around making sure everyone is heard before decisions are made. Did you pause to ask what modifications might need to be made if the audience was blind or a child?

This creates two panels folded back-to-back along the center fold, with the notches and upturned point on the outside of the fold and the inside faces of the panels being smooth.

Rotate the page clockwise 90° so that the angled portion is to the right and the square end is to the left. This fold lifts just the top panel created in step 11 and folds it "in half" so that the angled upper edge of the panel is parallel to and even with the original center fold (now at the bottom of the page).

They hear the ten minute time-crunch and decide to get straight to the task: write the directions. In offices everywhere, every day, people are launching planes that won’t fly, just because they were told do.

The size of the paper is less important than the features already discussed.


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