How To Make Conclusion In Research Paper

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You can also point out how your findings can be used by readers, pointing out the benefits.

Even if you did not manage to reject the null, there is always a reason for this, and something has been learned.

If you remember, a research paper starts with a broad look at the research and narrows down to the results, before the discussion opens it out again.

At the beginning of the research paper, you looked at all of the previous research and boiled it down into a research question.

A strong conclusion is specific and definitive in explaining the importance of the research, and the best conclusions can change the opinions and future actions of readers.

The logical movement of each research paper is unique, so exactly what you discuss in your conclusion will depend to a large extent on what you have already discussed in earlier parts of the paper.

Key sentences in earlier parts of your paper may prove useful as you write, but they require rephrasing for the new context, so do not repeat them word for word.

• An explanation of the ways in which your research contributes to knowledge on the topic, greater understanding of the problems, new directions for future research and/or practical applications for society.

Indeed, if concluding thoughts have been offered at the end of the discussion section, the paper may be close to finished, but for most research papers, a separate conclusion is necessary, and a pause for reflecting on what has been written and accomplished is always advisable before tackling the conclusion.

The tips offered here on how to write a conclusion for a research paper are designed for that thoughtful moment when making the best decisions is so vital for producing a clear, engaging and persuasive conclusion.


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