How To Prepare An Assignment

Concept modelling is a methodology used to breakdown information to make connections to broader themes, issues, and ideas.

Concept maps usually take shape in the form of graphic representations or maps and allow you to externalize your thinking processes and connect abstract ideas into a visual structure like mind-mapping.

The information has to be grouped into broad categories except for Arts and Humanities where it is not always recommended.

Use the prepared conceptual map in order to know what to write in everybody paragraph. Use a template for creating a BODY PARAGRAPH as it is easier to follow the ready formula with a step-by-step approach: Begin the paragraph by making a point, support it by providing with references and research and close the paragraph by linking back to the point you made and linking this to your thesis statement. It is a final paragraph which summarizes the idea(s) you have discussed in your work which is about 10% of the whole assignment so it should be clear and relatively brief.

Writing an OUTLINE before starting to prepare assignments is indeed important as it saves your time and helps you to divide the word count between sections.

Determine the purpose of your paper, who your audience is, and develop a thesis statement.

Generally, it is about 10% of the final essay and 5-8% of the total number of words.

The good introduction contains: The body of the assignment serves to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic with providing relevant evidence and analyze the evidence a student has gathered.

If you need to elaborate on a point, or can condense two supporting ideas into a single paragraph, do so.

Perfectionism- Your first draft will not, by any means, be perfect.


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