How To Read A Research Paper

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This guide is intended for advanced high school students and college undergraduates who are interested in working on independent research projects.Students should have a strong background in science.Scientific papers also contain information about how experiments were conducted, including how long they took, the equipment and materials necessary, and details about how to physically perform the experiments.

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For example, what types of graphs are common to the field? You'll eventually need to know this information to put together a good report or display board to convey your research.

If you're looking at a paper and you're not sure if it is a review or a primary research article, here are a few easy ways to distinguish.

There are two types of scientific papers: review articles and primary research articles.

Review articles give an overview of the scientific field or topic by summarizing the data and conclusions from many studies.

Having a mentor to help evaluate ideas and provide background information is extremely useful.

As you embark on your own original research project, you'll find it necessary to read in-depth scientific literature in your chosen research field.

In general, primary research articles should be consulted any time you need to get more information about how an experiment was carried out, or if you need to review the original data, which you may want to do in order to base your experiments off their data, or to evaluate for yourself the validity of the authors' conclusions.

Primary research articles are also useful for seeing how experts in that scientific field visually represent their data.

Scientific papers contain the most up-to-date information about a field.

So if you have a topic you're interested in studying, reading the scientific literature in that field will help you understand what has already been discovered and what questions remain unanswered.


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