How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief

As a result, the internet is awash in content that does not speak to a particular audience, does not provide useful or relevant information, and often delivers mixed and confusing messages.

There’s a lot of competition for your customers’ attention – and the best way to get that attention is for your content to be good. And that doesn’t just mean well written or well produced.

Developing creative briefs may seem like a drag, but a good creative brief is actually a great investment in time, efficiency, and motivation. Synthesize the important information concisely and clearly.

If everybody on the project knows what they’re doing and, most importantly, knows why they’re doing it, you’re going to have fewer revisions and rethinks later. But at the same time, don’t assume prior knowledge.

Here’s why: If members of your team or your content agency understand what the business goals and expectations are from the get-go they’re going to do better work.

If everyone understands who your brand is talking to and knows what those people want to hear about, you’ll inspire greater focus and creativity, and more engaging, exciting, effective, and activating content. Describe the who and the why, but do not prescribe the how – that’s your content team’s job.

Members of your internal team or agency know the information they need from you to do the best possible work. Chances are, they’ll be delighted to provide input. Duncan has worked in the content marketing business for more years than he cares to remember.

Involve your team, managers, and stakeholders in developing the brief. If you define success at the beginning of the project, then you’ll always have something to measure content effectiveness against. He has managed complex and high-value programs for companies including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Walmart, Sodexo, Virgin, Whole Foods, Mead-Johnson, Williams-Sonoma and Weight Watchers.

Your customers and potential customers are going to consume it, respond to it, and share it.

The one surefire way of creating great content is to start with a great creative brief.


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