How To Write Essay In English

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Read the opinion pieces and dissect how the writer has supported their points with evidence, and again, be critical; note where they’ve left things out to try to persuade you to a particular opinion.

Essays should be balanced, so you can learn from the best of these writers and pick up some techniques to help you shape a balanced piece.

One way of ensuring that you can communicate clearly and to the point is through accurate and effective use of advanced vocabulary.

A good essay writer should never rest on their laurels when it comes to vocabulary; it’s something you should be working on continually, as there are always new words to learn that could help convey a point more effectively.

Your conclusion should do four things: For most essays you write, you’ll need to include evidence to support your arguments.

Ensure that you have used your evidence well and that your referencing indicates clearly where you have used other people’s ideas or words.Then, proofread your essay looking for these errors.Once you’ve found them, take one or two of the paragraphs that you are most worried about to a Peer Learning Advisor (PLA) and ask them to help you identify your most common errors.When you’re starting out at university, it can be easy to think you are the only one having problems with writing.But all students – both Australian-born and international – find writing essays difficult.Just as the books you read subconsciously help mould your own writing style, so reading other people’s essays can help you develop and build on your own essay-writing style.Try to read a range of other essays, including those of your peers and of academics. Is the argument a balanced one, with points adequately supported with evidence?If you are an international student, you might even have an advantage.Having learned English as a second language, you are likely to know more about how English works than most Australian-born, English-only students.At La Trobe University, PLAs are available for drop-in learning and writing support and can be found in the library for most campuses.If you’ve followed all of these tips, but still need extra help, don’t worry.


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