How To Write Position Paper

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You must know the opposite view as well as you know your own stance when you take a position.

Take the time to determine all the possible challenges that you might face as you support your view.

One of the most important and useful skills you can have as you begin your college studies is the ability to read and understand many different types of academic or scholarly writing.

Each different type - critical analysis, literature review, research paper ect.

You can, of course, conduct online research as well, but it's important to know how to properly vet the validity of the sources you use.

Ensure that your articles are written by reputable sources, and be wary of singular sources that differ from the norm, as these are often subjective rather than factual in nature.

If your country does not completely condemn human trafficking, for example, because of their own stakes in the practice, then your policy must reflect that, in spite of your disagreement.

Finding speeches from your country’s leaders, scoping out their government’s website, and evaluating their actions in the UN are some ways to develop an understanding of your country’s policy.4.

Past International Actions This portion of the essay addresses efforts the UN has previously made and endeavors your country specifically has taken on to combat the issue at hand.

Consider what UN programs, events, resolutions, and agreements your country has participated in. Country Policy And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: your country’s own policy.


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