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Los Angeles businessmen were loading up their mansions with art from back East or Europe, and tourists were equipped with their own Kodaks, so (as one observer wrote in 1898) “they do not care to buy anything in art for more than two dollars.”The 1913 opening of the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art at least ensured that the artists would have a welcoming venue.But, as both Gerdts and South point out, more research needs to be done on the early patrons of California Impressionism.

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In its purist form, the term indicates works that take their subjects from contemporary life and depict them in ways that suggest the fleetingness, the transiency of modern experience, using evanescent lighting effects, bold touches of color, and brush strokes that appear to have been applied rapidly.

For much of the 20th century, literature on Impressionism tended to view the movement in terms of specific artists and/or to analyze the paintings from a formalist perspective.

Herbert 1988 approaches Impressionism from a Marxist perspective and brings solid social history to bear in the interpretation of Impressionist paintings.

Broude 1991 challenges the gender dichotomies implicit in traditional, patriarchal assessments of Impressionism and argues against the notion of Impressionist paintings as rapidly executed, objective recordings.

The purpose of the exhibition was to present their paintings directly to the public and to provide an alternative to the government’s official exhibition, popularly called the “Salon.” Considered at the time to be the only significant venue for contemporary art, the annual Salon was also the dominant marketplace for contemporary art.

Works were chosen by a jury, which in the early 1870s was widely criticized for the rigid conservatism of its tastes.

Because his paintings had greatly influenced those of the Impressionists, Manet was considered to be Impressionism’s founder and the group’s leader.

In addition to denominating a particular group of artists, “Impressionism” also denotes a particular pictorial and painterly approach.

More significantly, they had an “interest in the sensual and the contemporary” that “far outweighed any . There was no reason to go off and investigate the radical world of Impressionism.

Rose--who visited the art colony in Giverny in the 1890s and lived there from 1904 to 1912, before heading to Pasadena--knew Claude Monet socially.


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