In Class Essay Grading Rubric

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If a number of students make the same mistake, I teach a mini-lesson on the topic to the entire class.

Instead of copy-editing an essay, write check marks in the margins to point out where errors are located.

often determine a student’s grade, what criteria does the writing teacher use to evaluate the work of his or her students?

After all, with essay writing you cannot simply mark some answers correct and others incorrect and figure out a percentage.

But even if they only save you minutes, that extra time can be used to plan better lessons and remember what your family looks like.

All the recommended tips involve essays submitted on paper.Direct students to compose an answer to the daily journal question for the first 10 minutes of every class.On Friday, provide students time to revise their entries.In addition, once you write your rubric you can use it for all future evaluations.Save hours of lesson preparation time with the Entire Busy Teacher Library.You may even choose to make a copy of the rubric for each paper and circle where the student lands for each criterion.That way, each person knows where he needs to focus his attention to improve his grade.A check mark is faster to write than “comma splice” and doesn’t contribute to learned helplessness.Ask students to diagnose the error and make changes before submitting a final draft.Mark up one paragraph as a model, and then have students edit the rest.Instead of assuming the job of identifying essay problems, teachers can now offload some of that chore to technology.


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