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None of Disney’s competitors are as successfully integrated.

None of Disney’s competitors are as successfully integrated.

Films provide material for theme parks and resorts, consumer products, and even a cruise ship.

Network and cable broadcasting is also a part of the integrated Disney package.

Globalization, technology advances, and diversity have greatly influenced international business and multinational management operations.

Global managers cannot consistently apply traditional leadership when dealing with multiple cultural conflicts and managing international employees in the rapidly changed diverse workplace.

This research focuses on one of the least studied cultural dimension, “indulgence versus restraint” (IVR) and how it affects consumer behavior, international marketing, and global business operations in the U. Samples of undergraduate business students (as consumers) from both countries were studied through surveys.

The findings support that Mongolians and Americans are different regarding the “indulgence” cultural dimension.By examining the strategic imperatives such as how to expand abroad and understanding the international context, the researcher will determine strong and weak business strategies of the company.Starbucks has overcome organizational and managerial implications that will serve as a strong model for international businesses. The authors present how to construct a mini-ethnographic case study design with the benefit of an ethnographic approach bounded within a case study protocol that is more feasible for a student researcher with limited time and finances.Finally, the novice researcher must choose the design in which one can complete the study within a reasonable time frame with minimal cost.This is particularly important for student researchers. This study reviews different typologies of toxic leaders in organizations-from bullies to narcissistic leaders.Preliminary conclusions as to how a new conceptualization of marketing can be instrumental in enrichment of meaningful and substantive human lives through constructing redefinitions of development and marketing based on these ...Walt Disney is a completely integrated media powerhouse.A quantitative review of loyalty-repurchase satisfaction constructs was conducted to identify the strength and direction of the researched relationships and the influence of possible moderating factors affecting those relationships.The Hunter and Schmidt (1990) meta-analytical technique and software were employed.Starbucks is in a growth market, and it has a good relative overall position.The researcher will examine the business structure of Starbucks and the future implications of its current business strategies.


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