Internet Bubble History Research Paper

The day after the official findings of the Microsoft investigation were made public, April 4, 2000, the Nasdaq experienced a large intraday downfall, but subsequently bounced back up.Hence, the name ‘Dot-com Economy,’ which refers to the commercial websites that characterized so many of these companies, was born as a term to identify companies featuring internet domain names ending with “” High volume stock speculation was fueled by the fact that this was a novel industry with high potential, but also one where companies were difficult to value.Investors looking for the new ‘hot’ stocks triggered high demand for tech stocks in general, as well as causing the overvaluation of many companies in this field.This German hacker became a multi-millionaire by launching various internet companies in the 1990s and eventually changed his name to ‘Kim Dotcom’ as a wink to the Dot-com Economy which had made him rich.He famously sold 80% of his shares in Data Protect, a company he founded that provided data protection services, to TÜV Rheinland in early 2000, right before the collapse of the new economy.This did not mark a recovery; the Nasdaq entered into a freefall the moment investors started to realize that many of the loss-making new tech companies were indeed that: loss-making companies.Within a year after the start of the deflation, most of the venture capital backed technology companies had burned all their funding and many went bankrupt while new funding dried up.Sometimes the valuations of these companies were based on nothing more than just an idea on a single sheet of paper.The excitement over the commercial possibilities of the internet was so big that every idea which sounded viable could fairly easily receive millions of dollars worth of funding.(This article is under construction – come back soon!) The second half of the 1990s marked the sudden rise of a new sort of economy, one in which stock markets experienced high growth rates under the influence of venture capital and IPO-funded companies in the Internet sector and related fields.


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