Introduction Television Essay

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(Stewart 2001) In 1990s internet has come up with different model for its people.

It has created a site where you can find whatever you need whenever you need it.

Television is also likely to follow this trend in future.

Technologies may come up that will make television to have unlimited number of channel.

Questions continued to be asked whether the viewers are avoiding the commercial by application (using) video on demand and through you tube.

People are wandering weather the television industry will manage to survive, given that it is slowly loosing out traditional method of generating income through giving out trillion of the viewers time to the products advisers.

Digital television do provide extra channel, good picture of good quality, programming electronically, it also allows for voting using the red button.

(Stewart 2001) High definition television is also likely to be adopted.

Life has become so fast that it has made things very complex;now those things are preferred which are convenient and fasthence all these things have dented the......

Television and Why It Is the Way It Is Television is a complex technology, although it doesn’t necessary seem so on the face of it.


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