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He says "Eventually, "..ancient; a man he is of honesty and trust. All this is albeit the fact that Iago and Roderigo had conspired against him and accused him eloping with his daughter of Brabantio.Othello comes unscathed from this incidence by strongly narrating his affection for Desmodena; whose heart it is affirmed was won over by the adventurous stories of his war experiences.

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Othello trusts a dishonest person who succeeds in providing 'evidence' in his gift of handkerchief to Desmodena which Cassius is in possession of. Notably, Aristotle indicated that in tragedy the tragic-hero realizes his actions were misinformed when it is too late.

Othello falls into a trance upon falling into a well calculated lies of the alleged affair with Cassius. The realization of his grave mistake and condemnation of the villain leads to a cathartic effect and fosters the realization that after all he is human.

Fortunately, the Turks fleet is destroyed by ravaging storm and Othello orders general celebrations which Iago takes as the perfect opportunity to set up his evils plans.

The skewed plot to his downfall, perfectly executed by Iago achieves tremendous success.

The foundation of Shakespeare's tragic play is hinged on the relationship between Othello and Desmodena and encompasses the heinous plot by Iago to ensure the downfall of Othello (Sander, 2003).

In the First two scenes of scene 1, Othello is introduced as a benevolent military noble courtesy of the conversation between Iago and Roderigo.

Othello in the harmatia or tragic flaw of the play, sculls a personality of calmness, control and love and replaces it with anger and jealousy and the audience experience a cathartic effect by associating with his woes, tribulations and sympathize with his predicament.

William Shakespeare sets forth the character of Othello as an admirable person and immediately attracts the ardor of the audience.

Aristotle postulated that a tragedy is a fictitious work that explores a noble hero felled by a tragic flaw in his personal characters and traits.

The defect- also called tragic flaw is juxtaposed with high degree of integrity and a lovable personality that the audience, and even the author, seeks to establish himself with.


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