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An Examination of Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond Yali posed an interesting question.

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However, I believe the impact of culture, religion and weltanschauuing — one's world view — play a larger role than is given credit for. The more resources a group of people have, the easier, and quicker, they will grow.

is certainly an intriguing book, and is not without its strengths. On the other hand, the more barren a land, the slower the growth of any people found living there.

In fact when I was reading this book I was reminded of Darwin's . Or why was it not Asia who eventually conquered and subjugated the Americas and Africa? Certainly a driving factor in the explosive European colonization of the world was Christianity. In many cultures cooperation and group cohesiveness and unity is stressed rather than personal gain (in Asia as well as in the Americas.) Yet none of these cultural mores are even mentioned in the book.

Diamond's argument has its merits - certainly geography has played a role in the eventual conquest of one civilization over others. He argues that people everywhere will exploit their environment.

Jared Diamond, in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel, concludes that geography is the defining factor in all of human history.

While some people may disagree with his conclusion, that is only because it might not seem to take individual choice into consideration, which makes a person feel uncomfortable to say the least.

Surely Columbus was part of history, but wouldn’t the Americas be discovered eventually anyway?

Here lies the logical fallacy of the “Big Man Theory.” It is impossible to go back in time and find out how history would be different without certain individuals, but is it not true that someone probably would have filled the vacuum had Columbus been killed before his journey?

Jared Diamond presents a well documented, coherent case that Western civilization was predisposed to success by an abundance of food crops, domesticatable animals, and a geography that facilitated migration of these skills and people.

He presents those points well, and if you have not encountered discussion of the effect of geography and natural biology on the growth and development of civilizations, this book will present the basic ideas to you in a clear, if a bit rambling, style.


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