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New possibilities for section topographic investigations at third generation Il Nuovo Cimento 19D, 195-203 (1997) - ZONTONE F., MANCINI L. Investigation of KTi PO4 crystals under an electric field by synchrotron radiation topography Phil. B 75, 871-886 (1997) - OHLER M., BARUCHEL J., MOORE A. Direct observation of mosaic blocks in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite Nucl. of Solid State Chemistry, 129, 22-29 (1997) - MEDRANO C., REJMANKOVA P., OHLER M., MATSOULI I. 28, A78-A83 (1995) - REJMANKOVA P., BARUCHEL J., KULDA J., CALEMCZUK R., SALCE B. -Li IO3 under a direct or alternating current electric field J. Neutron topography ERICE "X-rays and Neutrons dynamical diffraction, theory and applications", edited by A.

OHLER Effect of doping on Ga1-x Alx As structural properties Acta Physica Polonica A 91, 911 (1997) - L.

SURMA Structural perfection of Cz-Si crystals annealed above 1500 K under hydrostatic pressure Acta Physica Polonica A 91, 927 (1997) - A.

Second European Symposium on X-ray Topography and High Resolution Diffraction, Synchrotron Radiation News 8, 11 (1995) - M. HOLZER G., HÄRTWIG J., WOLF J., FRITSCH M., FORSTER E. X-ray diffraction topography "Handbook of Microscopy", ed. Amelinckx et al., VCH Germany (1996) - PRIEUR E., HÄRTWIG J.

L2,3 and M2,3 Level Widths and Fluorescence Yields of Copper Phys. A 52, 3661 (1995) 1996 - CLOETENS P., BARRETT R., BARUCHEL J., GUIGAY J. Phase objects in synchrotron radiation hard x-ray imaging J. Synchrotron Radiation 3, 173-184 (1996) - SCHLENKER M., BARUCHEL J.

22, 1059-1061 (1997) - PEYRIN F., SALOME M., DENIS F., BRAILLON P., LAVAL-JEANTET A. 3D imaging of foetus vertebra by synchrotron radiation microtomography SPIE 3149, 44-52 (1997) - PEIX G., CLOETENS P., SALOME M., BUFFIERE J. Hard X-ray phase tomographic investigation of materials using Fresnel diffraction of synchrotron radiation SPIE 3149, 149-157 (1997) - BARUCHEL J., BUFFIERE J. P., MANCINI L., PEIX G., PEYRIN F., SALOME M., SCHLENKER M., SPANNE P.

King Ray J Thesis 11th Grade Research Paper Topics

Fractional Talbot imaging of phase gratings with hard X-rays Optics Lett.

28, A69 (1995) - REVOL C., BARUCHEL J., BELLET D., MAROT G., THEVENEAU P., ZONTONE F. Synchrotron white beam topographic investigation of crystalline defects in silicon on insulator materials J. Growth, 166, 329-333 (1996) - REJMANKOVA P., BARUCHEL J., MORETTI P. Application of diffraction topography to the study of magnetic domains and phase transitions ERICE "X-rays and Neutrons dynamical diffraction, theory and applications", edited by A.

Kalpha and Kbeta x-ray emission spectra of copper Phys. GARCIA A., OHLER M.., BARUCHEL J., ASPAR B., ROLLAND G. 177, Plenum , New York (1996) - BARUCHEL J., SCHLENKER M.


First topographic results at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility Phys. Solidi (a) 141, 59-69 (1994) - ZONTONE F., BARUCHEL J., HÄRTWIG J.


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