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The bacteria that they got from eating pap helps them break down the leaves without getting sick from the poison.They also have a special organ in their body that helps them safely break down and digest the leaves.

The bacteria that they got from eating pap helps them break down the leaves without getting sick from the poison.

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Besides spending fourteen hours per day chewing and digesting bamboos, wandering aimlessly, sitting in trance and wiggling their big butts against trunks or branches compose the majority of a panda’s usual day.

Amusingly, if the branches snap out of blue attributing to their chubby and cumbersome bodies, which is by the way of great possibility under most circumstances, these cherubic angels will just look around with their innocent eyes as if they totally have no idea what is going on.

The only time they come down from a tree is if they are moving to another tree that has better leaves.

Koalas are Australian animals that live in trees, have thick, gray fur, sharp claws and keep their babies in a pouch.

The eucalyptus leaves that koalas like are very tough and stringy, as well as poisonous!

Remember the pap that koalas ate when they were little?

While Koalas don't mind, your mom might not be too happy about giving you a piggy-back ride everywhere!

Koalas are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants.


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