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uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. But in many countries such business have no any high demand or need as most of the people are focusing on home washing as there is very low trend of working of women, most of the women are house wives so they focus on home washing more than getting dependent on laundry services.

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ABright and clean company is basically a service provider company and is providing the service of washed clothes with ironing and other services to the hostel girls to avail an affordable laundry service.“The mission of Bright and clean is to provide affordable services of laundry to girls living in university hostel.

The main aim is to offer affordable, high-standard and good quality of service to the customers.

From all the students majority are hostel ides and they have no proper availability of washing clothes in there hostels and have no such time availability as well, so after this research we came to know that it’s have a need to start a business for providing the laundry service to the girls hostels that the female students may get their clothes washed, pressed and available to them on time.

Growth potential of such business is too high as there is a huge demand of such service in hostels of boys as well as for girls that’s why it will must considered as an ongoing business with high potential of profit in it.

As we identified the market demand of hostel laundry business is too high as the students of hostel have not enough time to wash out and press there dresses time to time.

They have to rigid routine of their studies and due to this it’s difficult for them to manage all these households.

Try to save up your own money to invest into the business and ask around for other investors.

After a year, if your business has grown, ask banks they would consider a loan.

Energy requirements of the business we needed to start and run the business are as follows: In our business integration will be used by adopting a way of vertical integration that we are going to provide a takeoff service of dirty clothes and delivery services of pressed dresses.

For this purpose we will use a forward vertical integration by adopting a making technique in it that we will hire our own employee which will perform such services to takeoff and delivery of clothes on the other level of services.


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