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40,000 years before present), prominent examples being the , a lion-headed-human figurine from Germany and the French cave painting known as The Sorcerer” of Les Trois.

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Both groups evolved from the science fiction, fantasy, and comic book conventions culture of the 1960s-1980s, with the first Furry-based convention taking place in 1989 in California.Film and fiction of the first half of the twentieth century found new and creative ways to reiterate the notion of human-animal transformation as an analogy for the dangers of foreigners, sexuality, and other such “uncivilising” forces and ensured that the mythos of therianthropy would continue to grow (Bourgault du Coudray 2006).In the first significant example from Hollywood, the 1935 , make-up artist Jack Pierce designed his werewolves to appear predominately anthropomorphic even in their transformed state, emphasizing the hybridity of the wolf-man monster that would become central to its depiction in following years.The classic (1941), wherein the hapless Larry Talbot falls prey to a gypsy curse transmitted by the bite of a Romani werewolf, was perhaps the first popular reference to the pentagram and silver as symbols and talismans associated with lycanthropy.The 1942 psychological thriller and sexuality (women’s), as the hexed heroine Irena cannot allow herself to become aroused for fear of transmogrification.The word “therianthrope” combines the Greek for “beast” (), and it is classically used to describe such hybrids as depicted in prehistoric art and ancient myth.Creatures that appear to blend both human and animal features can be traced back as far as the Aurignacian period of Europe (ca.Within days of its founding, the subject had turned from recommendations for supernatural fiction to personal accounts of the paranormal, most significantly, with posters claiming to be real life werewolves, vampires, and other types of monsters (Robertson 20).Though initially treated with skepticism, serious engagement with the idea and experience of having an other-than-human identity soon become the central purpose of the newsgroup.The transformative process as analogously linked to puberty, the sexualisation of the transformed product as a source of lust, and the ability to transform as that of the underclass, would go on to become themes in romantic, comedic, and dramatic renderings of the werewolf tale, for example in Angela Carter’s erotic short story (2008-2014).The other-than-human identity community that has formed online and diverged into distinctive subcultures has engaged with, subverted, and re-invented these supernatural archetypes, inscribing them with new meaning.


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