Mary Shelley'S Frankenstein Essay

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Victor’s first response to his creation further shows this.

Far from being elated, as he had hoped he would be, he is taken with horror.

This primary narcissism, which is a part of Freud’s understanding of the stages the human brain passes through as it moves from infancy and childhood into adulthood, has an effect on the idea of the double once it has passed.

Far from being the denial of mortality that its creator initially intended, whether unconsciously or consciously, the double for a mature mind because little more than a “ghastly harbinger of death,” (Freud, 9) and one of the strongest examples of “uncanniness” that can be found (Freud, 10).

In modern times, it seems like there’s less to be discovered, and perhaps all of our minds are so open to new technology that we would no longer be capable of blind ambition.

But this is not the case; there is still a host of problems to be solved that makes Frankenstein even more relevant in modern times. Man and Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Frankenstein is one of the most famous works of world fiction and is considered to be one of the first works of science fiction in the history of English literature.

Frankenstein’s Doppelganger The relationship between Victor Frankenstein and his Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein follows something very similar to what Freud describes in his analysis of the Doppelganger in “The Uncanny.” Frankenstein, when he first attempts to create life from dead flesh, fits very well into Freud’s category of the narcissist.

He is obsessed with his study and his work, and when he finally discovers the secret to create life it is critical that he describes the bounds of life and death as bonds that “I should first break through, and...

In the novel, Shelley managed to create one of the most phenomenal creatures in literary history: Frankenstein monster.

The epistolary style that the author employs allows the reader to view the circumstances from varied viewpoints and draw conclusions from the plot and the characters.


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