Math Makes Sense 3 Practice And Homework Book Answers

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In 25,430, they're one place to the left of the digits right over here.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.

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The 4 in the number 5,634 is blank times blank than the 4 in the number 12,749. How many times less is the value of the second 7 than the value of the first 7? Well, we already know that the first number is 10 times larger than this number right over here.

So let's think about what they're saying. So the second 7 right over here, that's in the ten thousands place. Fill in the following blanks to complete the relationships between 25,430 and 2,543. So literally, if you divide the smaller number into the larger one, you're going to get 10. So that was the first part of the question, and we are done.

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So the 4 in the number 5,634, that's literally in the ones place. Now, the 4 in the number 12,749, that 4 is in the tens place. So this 4, it's a 10 times smaller value than this 4. This 4 right over here represents 4, while this represents 40. It literally represents 70,000, 7 ten thousands, or 70,000, while this represents 700 thousands, or 700,000. Or another way of thinking, it's 10 times less. So the value of the second 7 is 10 times less than the value of the first 7. All right, so 25,430 is 10 times larger than 2,543.

Math Makes Sense 3 Practice And Homework Book Answers

In the number 3,779,264, how many times less is the value of the second 7 than the value of the first 7? Now, finally, we're going to take 25,430 and divide it by 2,543.

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