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The exact raw score you'll need to get a specific scaled score for SAT Math will vary somewhat depending on the SAT you take, since each SAT has different questions and thus slightly different difficulty levels.While the SAT doesn't give out any penalties for wrong or blank answers, your strategy for how to approach the Math section will vary slightly depending on your target score.With time and practice, you'll learn to not only recognize these patterns when you see them, but also to use the clues in both the question and answer choices to help you find your right answer (or at least narrow down your options).

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Our team of tutors can help you develop strategies to solve these questions and others on your upcoming college entrance exams.

Students and faculty may find a great collection of multiple choice questions on math for sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

If you know that the sign MUST be negative, you can eliminate answer choices (C) and (D) and increase your chance of guessing right!

This works on any level of math test but does require you to know what you are doing at least a little bit.

The SAT is a standardized test, which means that each SAT must look and feel like every other SAT as much as possible.

The individual questions may vary, but the patterns in how the College Board designs both the questions and their answer choices will be as similar as can be.

You will find an icon in each math test’s right upper corner.

You can download a printable version of the actual math quiz by clicking on it.

The Distractors The incorrect answer choices in multiple choice tests are called distractors.

In a well written test, these are found by purposely doing the most common errors that students do and then making that an answer choice.


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