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Your story could be as simple as saving an account by correcting a serious software problem or successfully preparing a major presentation for a difficult new client.

Did you have an idea for a bold tweak to a marketing campaign?

A key part of the MBA application process is actually following directions.

That means read the topic question and make sure you touch on all the points they refer to in the prompt. And while it’s great to have some humor, never make fun of the question.

Okay – one more “don’t.” Don’t begin in your childhood with your lemonade stand, no matter how enterprising you were. Most MBA programs prefer candidates with some work experience so they can be strong contributors to the cohort, so start there.2. Make the story interesting with details that emphasize your good business sense and ability to think on your feet. This is an opportunity to tell the reader who you are, beyond the admissions file with all the standardized transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation.

The way to do this is to share something about yourself that they will not learn from other parts of the application.Did you work overtime for months to go live with a new computer system or maybe you were part of a team that expanded into a different market?In my own case, I wrote about working for a year on the merger of my firm’s two mutual funds into a larger fund group and my dealings with the SEC. Give the reader enough specifics to understand the importance of the story but to leave them wanting to know more about you.3.Text directly from your résumé is never well integrated into your MBA essay. Because the purpose of the MBA essay is to convey to the admissions committee information that you simply can’t show on a résumé – your personal connection to your work. Sometimes topic questions can seem to cover eerily similar territory to something you wrote in an A paper. I saw a recent MBA essay, for example, that had a prompt asking the applicant to talk about ‘a policy question that interested them’.What they do not want to see is a vanilla personal statement that is a list of your accomplishments, grades, or duties when you did that internship at Google. The writer clearly just inputted some work from a research paper they wrote on the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’. The goal was to maneuver a pith-helmeted explorer through a maze-like jungle, all the while avoiding being eaten by alligators or falling into ravines.I think you see where I’m going with this metaphor: Your MBA essay – your personal statement - is our intrepid explorer, and it’s your job to make sure he doesn’t fall off the vine because you made an easily avoidable error.Let your personality and business acumen shine through your words.Be concise, specific, and personal in your writing style.That is, WHY he or she should be accepted to this university’s incoming class.Make sure to cover not only what the school might do for you, but why you are qualified and will be an asset. There are several ways to dump the dull in your essay. If it made you think, what did it make you think about? The best writers can craft the most boring essays with the best intentions: clarity and clean construction. I will never understand why would-be essayists feel they should apologize at any point in their MBA application, explain, or excuse possible black marks on their record.


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