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Masked dancers take part in at least two of the well-known 'tovil' ceremonies referred to as the 'Maha Sohon Samayama' and the 'Gara Yakuma'.

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These practicals on the Microsoft Word word processing software consist of a series of exercises with help and similar assignments without help that you have to carry out. click boarders and shading Creating Tables in Microsoft Word 2000 Many formatting challenges and problems can be resolved, or at least reduced by using the Table capability in Word. Break the required elements of the assignment into bullet points. As you continue through the PPT, ask students to open up Microsoft Word so they can see the various screen components as you display them on the Power Point slides.

The reading assignment for this week is Using Tables and Templates to Create Resumes and Cover Letters, which begins on page 145 of our textbook. What are the different views available in MS-powerpoint? Usually a column like this involves numbers or money. An introductory lesson for Microsoft Word Office software. About the instructor: Adeyl Khan (Ayn), Core Faculty Member, School of Business and Economics, North South University Need more info? Office workers can make changes and see their work.

Kashif Azhar Submitted By: Qurat-ul-Ain Nazia Habib Saima Shoukat Class: B.

Word tables are just like data tables and may be used to show organized information like a math problem Page 1 of 5 WORD FORMATTING LAB This is my Microsoft Word assignment for CIS101.

MICROSOFT WORDUsing different tools when working with MS Word… Microsoft Word is often the preferred word Sign up for Basic Office skills training in beginning MS Office applications.


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