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They bumble, mispronounce words, and play the part of the fools.These untutored craftsmen are worried about their new dramatic roles for Pyramus, Thisbe, a wall, a lion, and a moon since none of them has had a previous acting experience.On one hand, the play-within-a-play is offered as a comic interlude to display Shakespeare’s creativity.

The issue of whom is worthy to putting on a play is also one of the concerns in the play Another aspect of this issue comprising who is responsible for bringing a play to the audiences or what thoughts and actions are proper in order to bring a play to stage should be also concerned.

The conversations among the craftsmen-actors in which they argue whether they can bring an actual wall to stage and conclude that it is impossible to carry out demonstrate this point.

Similar to the first play-within-a-play, the second serves an important role to signify the larger play.

In , Clifford Davidson discusses the play-within-a-play structure and its purpose.

That is, the play does not clearly explain how the craftsmen come together and how or by whom they are selected to be worthy to play.

These characters and the sub play they perform exist to raise questions about the fitness for acting a certain role in a play.Marriage and reconciliation are the means for resolving all conflicts.In Oberon’s play, Helena gets her love, Lysander and Hermia stays together, and Titania has a lesson of obedience.Above that, Davidson points out a very important issue that Shakespeare makes a comparison between the inadequate of the acting amateurs and the highly professional work conducted by his own company through the parody with the acting of the craftsmen in the subplot (88).According to the author, however, Shakespeare seems to have a negative view on the play and the players in many provincial cities and towns, which probably can cause severe misrepresentation about the quality of the amateur actors or companies (96).Another play which can be considered as a second play-within-a-play is written by the Oberon, the King of all fairies.He creates a play in which the mortals are the performers.Davidson explains that by saying that “for the spectacles that cities like Coventry were able to mount were surely not so rough and “amateurish” as we might imagine” or “the quality of the production were surely much, much higher that Shakespeare’s play-within-a-play in Alan Bellringer explores the art of acting which he claims is “a valid part of the art of living” and its importance (213).He asserts that “the sub plot about the Athenian workmen’s underserved success in the amateur dramatic competition is thematically relevant and supportive” (Bellringer 213).As the workmen turn the tragic drama of the Athenian lovers into a comic farce by their awful performance, Oberon does the same when his fairy Puck accidentally put the love potion on eyes of the wrong Athenian man.This mistake causes the Athenian lovers experience an intensive misery, which also creates a comical situation.


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