Midwifery Literature Review

Midwifery Literature Review-12
The overriding question for this review was: Initially, the CINHAL, Medline and Psyc INFO electronic databases were used to retrieve relevant papers in relation to the subject matter.Several key terms which were considered to be of relevance were entered into these databases simultaneously.This review aims to unite the evidence in relation to how 20 to 30 year old’s experience tea parties around the world.

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Papers were included if they specifically focused on the experiences of people aged between 20 and 30.

Papers had to have a particular focus upon the experience of vintage tea parties in order to be included within this literature review.

Following these assessments, 88 papers were removed as they did not focus upon the experience of tea parties, only the process of hosting them.

Additionally, 92 papers were removed as they referred to the experiences of populations either over the age of 30 or under the age of 20.

They have also been used as a means to unify various groups of people, and allow new generations of humans to meet new tribes of people (Tribal weekly, 2015).

Along with food and drink, social events in history have often involved music making, artworks and entertainments (Entertainment journal, 2013).Lastly, 52 papers were removed as although they did refer to the experience of attending and hosting tea parties, these parties were not considered to be vintage in nature. The reference lists of these papers were scanned for any further papers suitable for inclusion.Through this scanning, 1 further paper was included, resulting in a total of 4 papers to be included within this review.These terms were entered together, and united using either the word ‘and’ or ‘or’.The search terms were used in the following format: Vintage tea parties ‘and’ social occasions ‘or’ parties ‘and’ young people and’ tea ‘and’ cake ‘or’ lace doilies ‘or’ old fashioned ‘and’ antiques ‘or’ social gatherings ‘or’ cupcakes.This search strategy resulted in 27 separate searches and retrieved 1720 papers.Duplicate articles were then removed to reveal 808 papers.This may suggest that populations within this age group enjoy hosting and attending tea parties, yet it is not yet known how this particular population experience vintage tea parties around the world.As 20 to 30 year old’s look to enjoy more social activities and enhance their social well-being, it will be important to understand how and why they may experience vintage tea parties as either a negative or positive social venture.More recently, these social events have introduced the concept of ‘themed’ social events where participants often enjoy a changed reality for a short period of time (Party time monthly, 2014).However, it is not yet known which particular components in combination enhance the experience of event participants.


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