Money Laundering Dissertation

Anti-Money Laundering has become the term for many stakeholders including Financial Institutions and law enforcement agencies that attempt to prevent the movement of money obtained from criminal activity.

This applies at all levels of criminality from National Intelligence Model () level 1 to level 3.

Instead of targeting the way in which the benefit was acquired, a money laundering investigation focuses on the existence of the benefit itself.

In 2013 the Texas Third Court of Appeals overturned the conviction on grounds of legally insufficient evidence.

) creates various criminal property offences which investigators should always consider when formulating their investigative plan.

The analysis chapters attempts to measure these criteria using a variety of sources, including UAE laws of 20 and their amendments and replacements of 2014; various regulatory documents and policies enacted by the UAE Central Bank and other UAE bodies; expert opinion when available; and other materials from both official bodies and the country’s media.

The findings show generally uneven progress and sometimes-­‐inconclusive results.This doctoral thesis develops a methodology to assess the effectiveness of anti money laundering and counter-­‐financing of terror efforts in the United Arab Emirates by applying five “markers of success” (as determined by AML/CFT professionals) to the UAE’s AML/CFT framework.The markers are Robust Regulatory Framework; AML Legislation Enforcement; AML Legislation Awareness; Private Sector Commitment and Cooperation; and Transparency.The strategy using mixed method (triangulation) approach for data collection increase the rigor and robustness of the research in terms of exploration, validation and confirmation of findings.From a pragmatic perspective a better understanding of the research problem could be achieved that overcomes complexities in the context of the research, such as access to key stakeholders.The prosecution held that De Lay took part in an alleged scheme to bypass that rule and hide the corporate origins of money that ended up in the hands of Republican candidates in Texas.The alleged laundering scheme involved sending corporate donations from Texas to the Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters in Washington D.This study aims to discover significant determinants that influence the current anti-money laundering policy (AML) by understanding the relationship between criminal activity, stakeholder activity and public policy.This research adopts a pragmatic approach which embraces the use of mixed methods.The very fact that a person is in possession of criminal property (proved to the criminal standard) means that they could be charged with money laundering in addition to any other offence they may have committed.It may not be necessary to prove the offence which resulted in the benefit; the benefit itself and the circumstances surrounding it may be enough to support a charge of money laundering, see money laundering powers The intention is that these powers should be applied to those individuals where there is evidence that they have been living a criminal lifestyle.


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