Most Frightening Day Essay

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Till this day I still cant sleep sometimes at night because I think about it ...

Till this day I still cant sleep sometimes at night because I think about it ... I recently learned that my barely 16 year d son was using spice.

We had different locks on my front and back door so I had to walk around into my backyard as I only had the key for that door.

My parents always left the light on for me so the yard was well lit for when I came home every night.

the moment I say that, I only know how scared I am from within.thanks for reading.!!

Funmilayo Adesida Emerge program The Most Frightening Experience of My Life It all started one hot summer morning at sunrise, July 5th 2012 around 3 am the day after the 4th of July holiday.

He came clean with me and told me he had been doing it for 6 months and planned to continue using it occasionally.

Yesterday, the school called to tell me he rescue squad was on their way to pick him up.

The hospital drug tested him and there were no other drugs found. He told them what he had at his dads house and same thing-consent or they will get a search warrant. This above average smart kid with so much potential is now spiraling down.

He admitted he’s been doing it for 4 years—-4 years!!!

I and my sister used to be very excited about those outings because they were very VERY VERY rare.

That day as usual we went to that complex and when we were returning back, we came into a bus, so as we were 3 and some stuffs that we bought; my mom held my small sister and stand beside her because there was no seat to sit, I was standing holding her side clothing and then A FINE LOOKING OLD MAN calls me to sit near him, my mom tells me to go and then he pulls me beside him,here comes the main part; I am sitting on his thigh, and he starts to open up his zip and did something, I got so uncomfortable that I tried to move aside but then he holds me beside my lower body, and then he puts his hand into my underwear; I don’t remember how did that end.


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