Multiple Intelligences Research Paper

Multiple Intelligences Research Paper-72
These conversations provided qualitative data for the research study.Replies to: "Something I learned" I find that I am actually using all the intelligences daily.

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Wow, students mastered the Spanish alphabet very quickly.

The reason might be that they loved the alphabet songs we learned!

There is a big difference in attitude between my experimental and control groups.

Students in the MI group (experimental) are showing an interest in understanding how they learn. Replies to "Something that surprised me" If I am confident about a lesson and explain the different activities, students will be more motivated to be successful.

The students loved getting in front of the class to play charades. Although some worried about not being good artists, they really enjoyed the drawing activity to represent vocabulary.

Students are now my sounding board for new activities and reflection on old activities.Variety in activities and keeping objectives in mind helps ensure that all children are being reached. For example, students were asked to line themselves up to leave in alphabetical order and to name their first letter in Spanish.Many equivalent Spanish and English names begin with different letters, but students were quickly able to move to the correct position when they realized they needed to line up according to their Spanish names. I think it might be because of the variety of activities we do in my class.Full details, results, and implications of the Phase I Study were published in Foreign Language Annals. The participants are teachers of Spanish, French, Italian, German, and ESL. They sent electronic journal entries to the researcher on a regular basis.Full details, results, and implications of Phase II were published in Teachers College Record. In this way, they were continuously engaged in meaningful dialogue about the project.The MI STudy has helped my class become more student-centered. Replies to "Something that concerns me" I need to remember to withhold my concerns about not teaching to all the intelligences as often as I'd like to, so that my lack of confidence will not affect the learners in my classroom. The experimental class (receiving the treatment) is more social than my control group.I was hoping to close the gap with the MI activities.Project participants noted that these methods impacted student achievement and attitudes in positive ways. The results raised student and teacher awareness of the multiple intelligences.For research participants, this experience was an introduction to MI Theory and an opportunity to learn more about their own learning preferences.Trying to help all students succeed has improved class morale. This helps me run a cooperatively managed classroom.These new ideas for MI activities are adding to the students' responsibilities, thus enabling them to be more able learners.


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