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The study will analyze and compare how 12 teachers across the country are integrating Latinx social studies into their classrooms to address regional and Latinx intra-group differences.“This study is the first large-scale comparative study on Latinx social studies with an aim to inform practice at a national level,” said Santiago.Each year, the program funds a small group of outstanding advanced doctoral candidates so that they can devote themselves full-time to the completion of their dissertation.

“Pervasive discourses about who is and is not capable of engaging in mathematics shape teachers’ instruction and therefore the opportunities students — especially students from historically marginalized communities — have to engage in mathematics,” said Nieman.National Academy of Education Invites Applications for Dissertation Fellowships The National Academy of Education is inviting applications for its NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program.The annual fellowship aims to strengthen research on education and learning by supporting early-career scholars from a wide range of fields.All three fellowship awards recognize projects for their significant potential contributions to the knowledge, understanding and improvement of education nationwide.Elliott-Groves, whose research grows from ethical frameworks generated by Indigenous and place-based knowledges and practices to address complex social and mental health issues, is joining the UW as an assistant professor of learning sciences and human development.The fellowship will support Elliott-Groves’ project to strengthen the research capacity within the Cowichan Tribes, a First Nations’ community on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.Using land as pedagogy, her project will engage Cowichan elders, cultural knowledge keepers and community members of all ages in walking their traditional homelands to identify local systems of relationality that ensure individual and collective livelihoods.In doing so, they will collaboratively conduct a place-based, community power analysis to illuminate their specific needs, and thus propose collective directions forward.“Indigenous communities are tired of talking about their health and mental health disparities,” Elliott Groves said. Spencer grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin and attended college in the Pacific Northwest.Lyle Spencer’s father served as president at said university from 1927-1933.


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