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Considering this principle allows Pam to educate Taylah on safe sex practice. Retrieved from Australian Institute of Family Studies. Retrieved from https://au Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Practicing unprotected sex can lead to further harm such as disseminating sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), fundamentally opposing the purpose of the principle of doing no harm. Introduction: Nurses must comply with constraints of the law regarding legal and ethical issues of patients under their duty of care for the safety of patients.

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The first being common law, a judge made law, and secondly, statutory law, that is a parliament made law. Taylah, who is 14-years-old has recently moved from Victoria to New South Wales (NSW), with her mother Bronwyn and mother’s partner John.

As Taylah has recently become sexually active, she has been encouraged by the school nurse to seek a sexual health nurse for her safety and well-being.

An important legal and ethical issue raised in the case scenario is that Taylah is 14 years old.

Nurse Pam is consulting with a minor who has come alone without her parent’s consent or knowledge who had been advised to seek medical advice by the school nurse.

Privacy consists of the appropriate handling of information.

Patients have the right to understand the reasoning of information about them being obtained, and know who will view the information.

The 1986 English House of Lords judgment, Gillick v Wisbech (1986) Area Health Authority case, issues the ability of a health professional to prescribe contraceptive pills to a person under the age of 16 without the consent of a parent. In the case of Taylah, she is 14 years of age, and therefore considered to be a minor.

Visiting nurse Pam for contraceptive options, Pam is liable for ensuring Taylah understands information regarding the treatment prior to giving consent and providing appropriate advice on treatment.

Health professionals must obligate to perform ethical principles with patients under duty of care in order to minimise the risk of harm to the patient.

Although principles of ethics may not present assertive answers, adhering to the principles can provide guidance to decisions being made upon the patient. Imposing harm is considered to be negligent if not issued appropriately. Confidentiality and Privacy: Protecting the duty of confidentiality is a vital component in maintaining ethical standards within the healthcare setting. The Health Services Act (1988), (Vic) states, health professionals should impose themselves to compel in maintaining silence regarding patient information and details.


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