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In some cases, the student may have a committee of more than three individuals.

The highest degree attained is usually placed immediately after the last name. Terms used to indicate partial completion of a degree or student status such as “SNP” (student nurse practitioner), “Ph Dc” (Ph D candidate) or “ABD” (all but dissertation) are fabricated terms and are not to be used.

Having selected an area of research, the student identifies a Chair of the Dissertation Committee.

The Chair must be a member of the Standing Faculty of the School of Nursing.

The individual may or may not have been the student’s advisor.

Students who fail the Candidacy Examination twice may be withdrawn from the School of Nursing.

Degree credentials (e.g., AD, BS, BSN, MS, MSN, Ph D, Ed D, DNP) are commonly used and indicate completion of a particular educational program.These two readers must be members of the Graduate Group in Nursing with expertise in the area of study.The Candidacy Examination contains a written and an oral component.If the student receives a failing grade for either of the two components (written or oral components), the student fails the defense.If the student fails the defense, s/he may repeat the defense of the proposal (both oral and written components) one time within the next 60 days.The Dissertation Proposal Defense serves as the Candidacy Examination.The purpose of the Candidacy Examination is to demonstrate an understanding of knowledge in the concentration area that supports the student’s dissertation research.If a faculty member retires from the Standing Faculty, s/he may remain as the primary dissertation advisor but a new Chair must be appointed from the Standing Faculty.The student, in consultation with the Chair, selects two other members of the Dissertation Committee, at least one of whom is a member of the Graduate Group in Nursing.The student must achieve a passing grade for both the written and oral components to advance to degree candidacy status.In the written Candidacy Examination, the student discusses the problem to be studied, the relevant literature, and the methodology to be used in the dissertation research (see below in the Dissertation section for a discussion of possible dissertation formats).


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