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Therefore it is safe to assume that with the death of Haimon, there is no hope for even the slightest bit of Oedipus ' blood to be passed on.And thus, the cycle of sins of the father is complete.

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We see that Oedipus ' line ends in this piece.

Ismene, the youngest daughter, is so traumatized by the events in "Oedipus Rex" that she becomes a priestess and therefore will never have children.

Oedipus was saddled with a terrible curse through no fault of his own. Though Oedipus the King and Antigone were written over two millennia ago, they continue to offer us models of how individuals can and must exercise their freedoms of choice, even in the face of such powerful forces as law, fate, or the gods.

Daniel Nierenberg Comparative Essay 11-20-01 "Oedipus Rex" & "Antigone" It is only natural that an author use similar vessels of literature, such as figurative language, literary devices, and elements in his/her work.

When the play opens, Oedipus has been living happily with Jocasta and their four children for many years.

The people of Thebes revere him as a wise and brave leader, a man who “lifted up [their] lives” by defeating the Sphinx.

He does their bidding—he “drive[s] the corruption from the land”—but he takes the situation one step further by deciding to blind himself first.

When the Chorus asks what “superhuman power” drove him to commit such a horrible act, Oedipus exclaims, “The hand that struck my eyes was mine, / mine alone—no one else— / I did it all myself!

” Oedipus does not seek to escape his punishment, but he does assert his right to exact that punishment as he sees fit.

Even as he is brought low, Oedipus refuses to relinquish power over his own life and body. Oedipus cannot escape the specific points of the prophecy, but that prophecy only determines the limits of his freedom. In this sense, Oedipus resembles his daughter Antigone, who must decide whether to exercise her personal choice and bury her brother, Polynices, despite the fact that the law will certainly condemn her to death.


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