Operational Plan Of A Business

Operational Plan Of A Business-22
Production Costs All of the above information will be combined as an estimate of production costs to include in your financials.You may want to maintain separate figures regarding the cost of goods and the cost of labor.You will describe each of these sections in detail to the extent that it is relevant or applicable to your business.

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Specifically, what steps have you taken to put your business in motion? How do you plan to make your product or carry out your service?

Start with an outline of the process for delivering value to your customers.

In this section you explain where you are going to receive your inventory or the materials necessary to produce your product or carry out your service.

You should indicate your suppliers or manufacturers and outline the nature or terms of your agreement.

This could include special assets, economic conditions, legal conditions, etc. In this section you provide an overview of the key personnel involved in the business and the types of positions that will be necessary. Describe whether you intend to hire new personnel or contract with independent contractors to carry out business functions.

You will need to account for the personnel requirements as the business grows.

As part of the operations process, you may be in the role of creditor to a servicer or supplier.

You should develop a plan for payment of accounts owed.

You may also want to create a third category of production costs for non-recurring, incidental costs associated with operations.

Now is the place to provide detailed information about the companies/individuals who will supply you with the inventory/materials outlined above.


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