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Now, with the National Security Agency perusing our phones (hi!), Google combing through our search engines, and our high-tech TVs able to watch us, Orwell was all too prescient.Orwell’s view of media followed World War II, a time of active propaganda, and Orwell knew the workings of propaganda firsthand.

If you read , you will recall that the story parodies the U. The problem with the Communists is not Communism; it is that they become corrupted.

During a brief moment after the takeover of the farm, things are good, led by a Lenin figure, with a fairer distribution of work and more plentiful food than under the capitalists.

It was a time of total government, so in many ways reflects that moment.

Instead, it seems as if we now live in a time of the total market, when major political figures aim to use business as a model for government.

How did they know that you are a single 40-something? Indeed, Orwell is a hero of the right for being an anti-Communist, as well as of the liberal left.

That is why became an iconic book in the 1950s and ’60s, offering a confirmation of the ills of the Soviets.Thus, a more apt vision for our day might foreground those businesses, extending across national borders and delivering pleasure, entertainment and ever newer goods.Aldous Huxley’s 1932 -- a book that, though a bit clunky in its sci-fi narrative, seems spot-on in depicting an internet that permeates our lives, as well as the companies that control it and deliver our products.Orwell’s state exists for the sake of its own power, in a kind of sadomasochistic relationship that grinds down its citizens to perpetuate its power.In our society, it is easy to denigrate government because it provides a single symbol for the control we experience, but our government is more like a referee to make the market and its juggernaut of enterprises function.However, it is a mistake to see it as a confirmation of the politics of the United States. under Stalin, as the main pig, Comrade Napoleon, takes control, rewrites history and finally declares that some pigs “are more equal than others.” But remember that the farmers expelled at the beginning of the book were capitalists who had grossly exploited and abused the animals.From the mid-1930s onward, Orwell was an avowed anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist. They are not the good guys, and the revolution is justified.has topped various Amazon best-seller lists several times since mid-January, on the heels of the U. For instance, in my neighborhood in Pittsburgh, the owner of an independent store has an Orwell display in his window and reports he’s sold a stack of copies akin to a new Harry Potter. It’s also been featured at brick-and-mortar stores.There are no corporations in Orwell’s world, and very few goods.There is only state-distributed watery coffee and foul-tasting gin -- a far cry from the soy-foam, half-decaf macchiato and the artisanal cocktail.


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