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Due to the seizures caused by my epilepsy my ability to retain the information that is being taught in classes has been tough.Each time I have a seizure scar tissue builds therefore making it more difficult for me to retain and remember information.Facing these difficulties in my education head on has made me a stronger and more determined student and an, athlete.

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Being diagnosed with epilepsy has led me to develop a deep interest in Biology and Forensics; and I would like to go on and study Biology and Forensics in college.

I have the passion of learning more about epilepsy in college, that way I could help other Epileptics through tough times.

When Jim Lovell was hurling through space towards the moon at over eleven miles per second, he had to acknowledge the fact that his dreams of landing on the moon were impossible to achieve after disaster struck his spacecraft.

I had to come to the same realization that my dreams of ever flying in space were unattainable when disaster struck for me in the form of a diagnosis.

Life can be an ongoing war with many fierce battles; I have not won every battle however I am determined not to lose this war.

My first major battle started when I was two years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy.

I had the choice of having the cause of my seizures removed by a surgical procedure.

For the benefit of my future I chose to proceed with the surgery to remove the scar tissue causing me to have seizures.

Having epilepsy has made me a stronger person on attempting to successfully excel in the Forensics and Biology world.

I will not let that battle hold me back from succeeding through life. Submit your sample college admission essay or scholarship essay in our Scholarship Essay Contests: FAFSA Hints | Scholarships and Grants for College | Paying off Student Loans | Scholarship Essay Samples | Other College Financial Aid Advice More College Financial Aid Advice Scholarship Money for College | FAFSA | Tuition Assistance Programs | Federal Student Loans | Consolidating Student Loans | College Tax Credit | Student Jobs | Student Summer Jobs | Student Travel Deals by Patrick Masterton (Carol Stream, Illinois, USA ) Overcoming Obstacles College Essay - If I Can’t Fly the Aircraft…Then I Will Build Them - If I could choose one person in the United States history to be my idol, it would be Jim Lovell, the commander of the Apollo 13 mission.


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