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Some of the Indian states outnumber several countries in population.

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Overpopulation refers to an undesirable condition where human population exceeds the available natural resources to feed and sustain it.

Today, the world is inhabited by over 7 billion people, with China topping the list as the most populated country, followed by India.

Preventing the rapid growth of the population is the key to the victory over poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, economic backwardness, etc in the modern world.

The increasing population will only swallow the growing development of the nation and the benefit of advanced technology.

On the other hand, Asia comprises 18% area of the world, but it is home to 67% of the world’s population. Their residents get food which is not only insufficient, but is also not good in terms of nutrients.

Unbearable burden of population is clearly seen in four regions of the world – Southeast Asian countries in which China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, etc are the forerunners.In fact, at the rate at which the population is growing, the future generations might not ...Read More The United States is infamous for having more prisoners per capita than any other country in the world, and one of the highest rates of recidivism at 76.6 for five-years according to an article from Similarly, Orissa’s population exceeds that of Canada, and Chhattisgarh’s that of Australia.The impact of human transformation is especially felt in terms of culture, but economic effects are also important.People who make the change are often young people, while the old and the children follow them.The following are some of the other similar problems generated by overpopulation: Food and nutrition problems; housing problems; starvation and famine; infectious diseases and epidemics; increasing population pressure on the cities and development of slums; heavy burden on most resources; decrease in agricultural areas; continuous destruction of forests; threat to environment including wildlife; political instability, war, social evils and corruption, etc.Legal measures can be helpful but what is of urgent need is the social awareness and realization of responsibility in society as a whole.Other suggestions include: Once people know that unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, unhealthy living conditions, depletion of natural resources and environmental problems are all results of overpopulation; they will themselves take initiatives to control the population growth.Along with the population increase here, it is witnessing decrease in the quality of life of the people and increase in internal instability. These above-mentioned areas of the world have been termed as explosive areas of population.Not only the population has increased more in these regions so far, but these areas will be liable to population increase even in the near future too.


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