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322) and performs the role of a perfect domestic hostess.She prepares a paradisiacal feast, choosing fruits ‘of all kinds’ (Book 5, l.

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1–3), he explores these matters through a narrative that focusses on two paradigmatic rebels: Satan, the once-brilliant angel who falls through his explicit refusal to accept the hierarchy of Heaven; and Eve, the supposedly submissive ‘Mother of Mankind’ (Book 1, l.

36) who implicitly refuses to accept the hierarchy of Eden.

341), and from ‘many a berry, and from sweet kernels prest / She tempers dulcet creams’ (Book 5, ll. As the Father of Mankind and his spiritual guest enjoy their repast, ‘at table Eve / Minister’d naked, and thir flowing cups / With pleasant liquors crown’d’ (Book 5, ll. Such bliss, as God points out to his Son, is not fated to last.

Satan, the high-ranking angel once known as Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is enraged by his own secondariness to God’s Son and models rebellion to his followers and, ultimately, to Eve. Here Satan creeps again into Eden and resolves to disguise himself as a serpent. Gloriously phallic, the diabolic creature appears not ‘Prone on the ground, as since’, How, though, has Eve happened to encounter him? After all, she notes, when they work side-by-side, they waste too much time in loving discourse. What kind of bliss can there be in Eden, she seems to be wondering, if she has so little freedom?

As Satan, journeying to Eden bent on revenge against God, first views them, Adam and Eve are: Not equal, as their sex not equal seem’d; For contemplation hee and valour form’d, For softness shee and sweet attractive Grace, Hee for God only, shee for God in him; His fair large Front and Eye sublime declar’d Absolute rule ... but follow me, / And I will bring thee’ (Book 4, l. 470), she spies Adam and runs away, having thought him ‘less fair ... 633), she proclaims that ‘God is thy Law, thou mine: to know no more / Is woman’s happiest knowledge and her praise’ (Book 4, ll. In this way, Eve is more vulnerable than Adam to the schemes of Satan. 798), the fallen angel crouches by her ear and inspires her with a prophetic dream in which she flies, witchlike, through the sky and desirously views the forbidden tree, ‘with fruit surcharg’d’ (Book 5, l. William Blake made three sets of stunning watercolours to illustrate Milton’s poem.

Paradise Lost Essay Questions

In this one, Satan crouches ‘like a toad’ near Eve, while Adam sleeps beside her.

734), since she is more susceptible to such wiles than Adam.

Or, alternatively, is Eve more ambitious, rebellious and disobedient than Adam? As Eve, reasoning (perhaps sophistically) with herself, notes that though the eating of the fruit supposedly brings death, ‘How dies the Serpent? Satan has won the game, and Eve, in five succinct lines, determines to change the world: ... 793), she outlines an idolatrous plan to worship the Tree daily, then considers whether or not to share what she believes is her new divinity with her husband.

As the war between Heaven and Hell intensifies, the angel Raphael is sent by God to warn the human couple of Satan’s ongoing threats.

To welcome him, Eve ‘turns, on hospitable thoughts intent’ (Book 5, l.


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