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MLA style of writing papers implies a certain number of rules, which are developed to make the academic works more consistent, logical and credible.

As the main purpose of academic texts is presenting the results of scientific work, as well as explaining and interpreting the gathered data and discoveries, the tone and language should correspond.

It is important to know that MLA has released both the MLA Handbook and the MLA Style Manual.

The main difference between these publications is that while MLA Style Manual is designed for professional writers and editors, professors, and academic scholars, the MLA Handbook is targeted at students and their teachers.

MLA includes more than 25,000 members in over a hundred of countries.

For the most part, these members are the people who see their professional interest in modern languages and literature.Other important elements of the MLA formatting style are endnotes and footnotes.They are used to acknowledge the borrowed ideas and indicate the summarized and paraphrased material by mentioning the exact pages of the sources included into the Works Cited list.Naturally, each type of academic writing should comply with a proper structure.At the same time, all academic works should be written in a coherent manner, with the use of complex yet clear syntactic constructions.However, there is a general pattern which should be used as an MLA writing format template: However, it is always useful to ask your instructor for an example of a paper in MLA format, to make sure that your writing will meet all the necessary requirements and expectations.If you don’t have any specific requests from your instructor to follow, then the first page of your paper will be its title page.In this case, you should create an MLA format paper heading: As the detailed heading information appears only on the first page, every following page, including the endnotes and the Works Cited page, should contain a header with a page number and the author’s last name.The guidelines for MLA format require the heading to be formatted the following way: The main body of the text often requires a certain number of section headings to make it more structured and easy to comprehend. In fact, the MLA guide for college writing has no strict rules regarding the format of section headers.The MLA abbreviation stands for Modern Language Association of America, also known as Modern Language Association.This organization is established and based in the United States with a headquarters in New York, however, its influence and authority is international.


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