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Lengthy questions can be broken down into simple blocks and converted into mathematical equations.Let’s have a look at a few more examples to understand the above mentioned challenges.Question: If 20% of the price of an article is discounted by 10% to get as the result, what could have been the price of the article?

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The major challenge in questions based on Percentages are to carefully understand the kind of questions being asked.

You need to know what exactly you must find in a question by reading carefully.

: Percentage is denoted by the symbol “%” which means “out of 100”.

It is a concept all of us have learnt during our schooling years.

This is calculated by dividing 50 and 200 which gives us (50/200 = ¼ = 0.25). So we can see the percentage terms are ¼=0.25=25%, ½=0.5=50%, ¾=0.75= 75% and so on.

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There are two sub-categories of questions related to percentages.

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Answer: 20% of 50 can be calculated by replacing the symbol “%” with “/100” and “of” with the multiplication symbol “*”.

For the first part, 20% of 50 = (20/100) * 50 = (1/5) * 50 = 10.


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