Piano Lesson Essay

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Although she's only 35, Berniece has already been a widow for three years.

After the death of her husband, Crawley, she brought her daughter to Pittsburgh, where she currently lives with her father's brother, Doaker Charles.

She sings for the spirits of her family to help her.

As her music becomes more powerful, more insistent, the ghost goes away, the battle upstairs ceases, and even her stubborn brother has a change of heart.

Their father died to save that piano and their mother polished it every day of the rest of her widowed life with her sweat, tears, blood.

Piano Lesson Essay

Bernice didn’t want this foolishness of thievery and murder to ever be forgotten, especially because her husband died over stolen hunks of wood as well.Both sibling’s side of the argument are reasonable and can be related to elements in Alex Haley’s Roots and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.It may not be possible to say either side of the argument is right or wrong, but to see which aspect is more justified is certainly viable.If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked., she states: "Even a threatening ghost hovering in any room it chooses pales before the gripping fear of what is outside - the steady, casual intimacy with imprisonment and violent death." She also observes that "Against years of menace and routine violence, wrestling with a ghost is mere play." Morrison's analysis is spot on.During the play's climax, Boy Willie enthusiastically battles the ghosts, running up the stairs, tumbling down again, only to go charging back up.Bernice’s value in sentimental things in order to keep the memory of her family’s past sufferings and mistakes would live on is reminiscent of Roots.Kunta Kinte wished that his children and their children after that and so on would never forget the language of their people that were shipped over from Africa to be sold into slavery.Women’s Literature – The Piano Lesson Essay In The Piano Lesson both Boy Willie and his sister Bernice have their own agendas for their father’s old piano, crafted by their grandfather. He wants to sell it so that he can buy land to farm.Bernice, although she is afraid to play on it wants to keep it where it is in her living room because the carvings on the piano tell their family’s history and act as a reminder of her father’s foolishness in trying to steal it and her mother’s hard work and sadness she put polished into the piano.


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